Interference is a Stealth Puzzle Platformer with a gameplay mechanic similar to that of Rubik's Cube which lets you modify its levels' architecture. Fast stealth gameplay, no way to kill, run and hide, you must sneak through the guts of this technoir metropolis. Join the Interferers and redraw reality!

- A Cyberpunk/TechNoir Adventure
- Hack level design to manipulate enemies and progress in the game
- Fast stealth gameplay, no way to kill

Better than watching a video, you can also try the pre-alpha demo of Interference.
Note: This a very early alpha build and it doesn't reflect the final quality of the game.

Download pre-alpha demo 0.2
for Windows { Dropbox / Mega / IndieDB }
for OSX { Dropbox / Mega / IndieDB }
for Linux { Dropbox / Mega / IndieDB }

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